The power of local

You have decided to commission a video and need to think carefully about who you are going to work with. A local video production company might be the best idea. A company like Wychfilms may be small but you will benefit from extensive professional experience producing documentaries for the BBC and running an independent photography studio. Experience of working with all sorts of clients in all sorts of locations means they will be able to quickly understand how best to work with you. They may be local but experience working nationally and internationally brings a host of ideas to your project as well as all the benefits of understanding the local area.

They are more cost effective

Larger corporate companies will almost certainly charge you travel expenses, using a local firm will bring that cost down. If you want to show a process which happens or develops overtime a local company will be flexible on timing. They will be able to be with you for just an hour or so for exactly the right piece of filming. If you call them on the day they can be there. Moreover, they can charge by the hour, not for the whole day AND travelling expenses.

They are close by

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for people to arrive or having to shorten your filming time. Using a local video production company will make light of this. It will be easy to meet up when you need to and your project will flow more quickly and smoothly. 

They will recognise your customer base

You will have spent some time identifying your potential customers. A local video production company will recognise who you are talking about, they might even have worked with some of them before. You can be confident that they will pitch your business correctly 

It might be tempting to use a large national company but it is foolish to overlook the benefits of using a local company. Wychfilms will offer a professional service and a sensitive understanding of your needs. You will get a video you can be proud of produced by a company at the centre of your community.  

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