What to do with a new video?

You've read all the articles that say you must have a video. It was much easier and more fun to do than you expected and your shiny new video is now yours.  But what to do with it now? Most people will have a strategy before they commission a film, but it is always wise to review the direction of travel. Below is a list of suggested activities and ways to measure success. If something doesn't work that's not a crisis; try something different. 

It is important that people watch and share your video. It is imperative that you maximise its visibility: 

Put it on the website - don't hide it put it on the main landing page. Write some brief copy around it to build expectations; why should people watch this. Make sure that starting the video is obvious and easy. 

Is it working?  - you'll see more visits to your site, people will stay longer and explore more deeply 

Post it on all your social networking platforms - Facebook allows you to pin your video to the top of the page making it the first thing people see. They will click on it, enjoy it and share it. On other social networking platforms don't be worried about posting more than once. People are busy bees and buzz from one site to another, they might not see your post the first time, put it on again. 

Is it working? - more likes and shares and more visits to your website 

Email a copy to your customers - send a copy to all your customers, old, new and those you have yet to work with. 

Is it working? - more visits to your site and more enquiries for business 

Use it in your training or pitching to new customers - video is a powerful tool that people will remember and it can act as an update after the event 

Is it working? - more visits to your website and deals with new customers 

Have it running at any event you display at - videos stop passers-by and give you a place to start your conversation 

Is it working? – more people stopping at your stall, asking questions and being tempted to work with you

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