Why does a story matter?

Humans have been telling stories forever. Stories get a point across quickly and people remember it.  Stories aren't just for children; everyone has a story about "that time when I …"  They are used to entertain, to challenge and to teach. Learning through story is invaluable and doesn't go out of fashion: Aesop's fables still teach valuable lessons. Stories engage people's emotions and influence their decisions. 

There are three key reasons why story telling will work attracting customers: 

1.     Storytelling develops a deeper connection with the audience - a story will elevate the meaning of your brand and crystallise how it fits in the audiences' lives. 

2.     Storytelling is a powerful method for teaching - customers will feel positive about the lesson, learn quickly and retain even the finest details. 

3.     Storytelling is a loud voice in a packed marketplace - enticing a customer with the beginning of a story will keep them focused on one product. Wanting to know the end of the tale will keep the customer engaged and promote conversation. 

Video tells the story in two ways simultaneously. The script guides the watchers thinking, the images pull the watcher into the story creating an invaluable connection. The facts can prove this is true. Websites with a video on the home page are 70% more likely to get a connection after the visitor has watched it. At Wychfilms we work with you closely to make sure that your story is sensitively told, making it a key part of your marketing tool box. 

Telling a story is not hard, it's hardwired into humans, we do it all the time. Spending some time developing your own story for a video will teach you a lot about your business and help you learn how your customers see you. This understanding will help you attract and keep customers. 

Contact us at Wychfilms and start telling your story.  

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