Why you need video

Video really is worth investigating if you want your marketing to have more impact. Here are some statistics to show you why: 

88%  of users spend more time on a website which has a video 

95% of viewers are more likely to remember a call to action after watching a video 

54% of viewers want to see more video content 

Tweets with video get 10x more engagement  

LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share video than any other type of media 

Pinterest users are twice as likely to make a purchase after watching a video 

Facebook analytics show that video is the best performing content 

(Data from Marketing Professionals Today and LinkedIn Marketing)

And last but far from least 

Google - the longer people stay on your website the more Googles likes you and the further up the list you appear. There is nothing better than a video to keep people on your website. 

If you want your website to stand out from the others, you'll find this useful

People are much more interested in video-based information than text-based information; 60% of people are visual learners. You and your video need to stand out: catching someone's eye in a crowded market place can be hard. Here are a few simple things that have been proved to increase engagement: 

·       Go beyond the demo - showcasing your product is important but people are more likely to remember you if you give them something that they care about: tell a story  

·       Release new videos on a regular schedule - if people liked your video they will want to see more. Releasing more videos will make your site a destination to return to 

·       Try new things, do something different - surprise is a powerful tool, people remember the unexpected 

·       You don't need long to have an impact. These short recipes make you hungry and give you all the information you need to make the delicacy…and they bring you back for more. 

·       Think about creating companion videos to go along with written material to help reinforce your message, particularly if the topic is difficult for audiences to digest. 

Don’t be shy to talk to your video producers about what you can achieve; they want to make your story shine and can bring a host of experience and ideas to your planning.  

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