What happens when we make a video? 

  • We meet with you to understand how we can best craft a video that will meet your needs and establish the most effective way to deliver the project with you 

  • We work on a script and storyboard together, to shape the structure and narrative that will inform the filming 

  • We film, just the two of us and you, a small set up, minimal disruption, you enjoy the day! 

  • We edit your story adding music, voice-over, graphics 

  • We show you your film and make sure it is right for you and tells the story you shared with us at the beginning 

  • When you are happy that the video is right we finalise production and the film is ready for you to upload and use 


How long will it take? 

It will depend on your story and how we want to tell it. We will make sure that you know what's going on every step of the way and that it suits you. 


How much does it cost? 

After our first meeting we will better understand what you are looking for and we will tailor the price for your project and budget. You will be surprised by what we can achieve with our flexible approach.


Take a look at some examples of our work

“Many thanks. I’m so pleased with what you’ve created.....I think you’ve got the feel of what I’m doing bang on the nail!”
— Christopher Dean, Dean Guitars